Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ooooh, A GOP Party! Lets Go!

The Siren loves her a soiree and doesn't care who the host is. It is with glad tidings that we announce the first major shindig of 2012!

The Racine County GOP is sponsoring an "It's Working Wisconsin" Town Hall. A THEME PARTY no less!

The party is Saturday, January 7, 2012 and the doors open at 9am - a little early for our taste - it is free (so that probably means a cash bar).

It's a "who's who" of invited guests by Americans for Prosperity and the McGoober Institute including homeboy, Robin Vos and Waukesha County Executive, Dan Vrakas.

Here's the instructions:
"They said the sky would fall, but the sky is still there. Americans for Prosperity Foundation and the John K MacIver Institute invite you to the first It’s Working Wisconsin Town Hall. “It’s Working,” is a broad-base educational effort that uses multimedia tools to deliver the facts on budget reforms to citizens.

Please join us along with Joint Finance Co-Chair Representative Robin Vos, Waukesha County Executive Dan Vrakas, and other local officials, as they explain how taxpayers saved hundreds of millions in the state of Wisconsin through budget reform. You will also have an opportunity to get some of your questions answered during our Q & A panel. Invited guests include Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke and Tim Nerenz.

In addition, we will be viewing our 9 minute educational video that the public can use to learn about the budgetary situation and abuses of collective bargaining that got us into this mess, the truth about what the reforms actually did, and how the reforms are working. We hope to see you there!"
Since the party will be in Waukesha you will want to go as a white person in order to blend, but creativity abounds in your choice of attire...

The Siren suggests going as an evil state worker like a teacher, fireman or nurse. You could line your pockets with all that money you made off collective bargaining and cadillac benefits - handing it out like candy would be a solid conversation starter.

One could go as parent whose children have been kicked off of Badgercare - in a clever use of props - bring the kiddies and have them cough on the polo shirted types. Fun!

You could go as an old person who doesn't have a drivers license and ask party-goers for a ride to the DMV to get a state ID so you can vote for them in the next election. You're sure to make some new friends.

Naughty ladies could dress as school girls holding bright, shiny school vouchers and answer every question with "duuuuuh" because your voucher school is that good. Your datebook will be filled for the year!

One could go as the host himself - a balding middle-aged man in khaki pants, smelling of beer, eating popcorn and laughing at the masses looking for jobs he's crushed. BYOP - Bring Your Own Popcorn.

Get your advance tickets here...and be sure to drive your Lexus there - in reverse!