Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recall Antagonistas

Ask any recall volunteer, they will tell you...outside of getting the finger which has now been christened the "Republican Salute" the next most common occurring encounter with recall opponents is the person (a white man) who gets out of his vehicle (a truck or SUV) and approaches a single person in a group (nearly always and exclusively a group of women) gathering signatures to "innocently" ask them why they are doing this to Wisconsin (like it belongs to him)?

They know he isn't interested in their answers. They could say anything - Jesus told them to do it, their book club is on holiday break or they're just trying to pick up available middle-aged women volunteers.

He will want to know what kind of job they have. DON'T YOU HAVE SOMETHING BETTER TO DO?! Then he'll launch into an accusation they are union members or worse TEACHERS and he shouldn't have to pay for their health insurance. They will ask him to go away and he won't. He just keeps demanding to know why they are doing this! WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY!

The encounter goes one of two ways either another person comes up to find out what is happening and he leaves - because he is only comfortable isolating and intimidating one person (woman) and he is now outnumbered OR the person (woman) takes out her cell phone, snaps a picture of him and/or his truck plates and begins to dial the police.

He was NEVER going to listen. He was NEVER going to change his mind. He was NEVER going to sign a petition.

He is white man; who because of his whiteness and the teeny tiny penis in his boxer briefs feels entitled to ask people why they are petitioning their government  (he's the official hall monitor of his universe) and he believes they are obligated to give HIM and answer.

If they should tell him to move along or go away - he becomes enraged (especially after getting his picture took from an uppity woman - teacher - communist - loser) he eventually drives away yelling at them out his driver-side window.

Sayonara asshole.

Now, the fucker in the video below has taken the "innocent" - I wasn't intimidating the lady with the clipboard, I was just curious - meme to a new level. This guy called people whose names he saw on a signed petition sheet in a video on the local news.

See, he was just curious y'all.

Yeah, he didn't bother using the internet to find out. He didn't think to ask a friend or know like someone you actually know. Nope, He called up a lady whose name he saw on TV to ask her - because he was "on the fence." Total bullshit.

He didn't seem to get why she was upset and called the police. He didn't seem to get what a creepy thing it was to do. Didn't she realize he is a white man? Didn't she sense his toddler-sized manhood which entitles him to call strangers who would like to see the Governor recalled. She owed HIM an answer.

Intimating her was the LAST thing on his mind.

Yeah, he should have said Jesus told him to call her. Did you see the shot of his pickup truck in the video?

H/T Democurmugeon