Saturday, December 24, 2011

Scott Walker Named "Governor of the Year" By Fakey Journal

It's the end of the year and time for "of the year" awards. Wouldn't you know that our own college washout received a "Governor of the Year" award from Governors Journal. Impressive.

It's not "Time" or the "Academy Awards", but it's a prize and that's nice.

The article states that Walker is "the best of example of what is wrong, or what is right with a conservative approach to government." Then it goes on to a superficial overview of the fight in Wisconsin following conservative talking points that our political unrest is all about pension contributions.

The Siren's cat knows more about it than it's author, Dean Pagani.

So it made the Siren wonder what is Governor's Journal and who is Dean Pagani?

Governor's Journal has been in business for approximately one year. Founded in December of 2010 it's only is employee is Dean Pagani himself. It has no Board of Directors, it has no staff or faculty type listing.

Pagani is the head of Pagani Public Affairs - a media consulting firm - who also seems to have no employees beyond Pagani. It does list some references of Pagani's associates, Tom Foley who lost as the GOP candidate in the race for Connecticut Governor in 2010 and Ross Garber who was the Republican candidate Connecticut Attorney General. Garber not only lost big, but was slapped with a defamation suit by his opponent.

Both sing Pagani's praises of political communication expertise despite the outcome of their elections.

The one reference Pagani leaves out is his longtime day job as Communications Director and Chief of Staff for the Connecticut Governor's office from 1996 to 2004. Weird, it's an important job. He doesn't even name the Governor he worked for in his LinkedIn page.

Could be because that Governor was none other than Republican, John Rowland? Pagani's employment was cut short because Rowland resigned over corruption charges and wound up going to jail for 10 months. Doh!

Yep, the guy who was Chief of Staff to a jailbird Governor for eight years, who went on to run sleazy campaigns for other Republican losers, opened himself up a one-man website devoted to the new wave of Republican Governor's has named Scott Walker "Governor of the Year."

Well, he should know. Merry Christmas.