Friday, December 30, 2011

Walker, Wanggaard & Vos: 3 Dicks Start A Pissing Contest

So back in June, Scott Walker and the State Legislature imposed a cap on the number of people enrolled in the Family Care program as part of the budget bill. At the time it served 43,500 senior citizens in Wisconsin.

When carefully discussing the impact his budget would have on seniors our own State Senator, Vain Vanggaard made a big deal out of restoring funding to the Senior Care Program.

Restoring funding, that is to the previous administration's budget level. He positioned himself as the savior and protector of senior services in Racine County.

Who could blame him? Because inside the budget he just voted in favor of was a poison pill which was going to hurt Racine County seniors - the previously noted Family Care enrollment cap.

Within weeks of the imposed cap the waiting list for enrollment across the state was at nearly 7000 people.

So it was good news for everyone when Scott Walker announced yesterday he was lifting the enrollment cap on the Family Care program in Wisconsin. Everyone weighed in...

Robin Vos - a natural born villain if there ever was one said:
"Expanding another unsustainable program is irresponsible. Perhaps before expanding, we should figure out how to make it work under sustainable parameters."
Meaning he hated the idea and Wisconsin seniors should suck his dick.

Van Wanggaard who is peeing his pants over his impending recall took a different tack:
"FamilyCare is an excellent program for our seniors and most vulnerable citizens, and I'm pleased that there seems to be way forward to protect it,' said Wanggaard. 'Lifting the enrollment cap will provide more options to more families with regard to their long-term care choices."
In other words the nearly 20% of Racine County residents who are seniors should please, p l e a s e  not vote him out.

Oooooh a bitch fight! The Siren loves a good spit and scratch.

All that would be enough, but within minutes, responsible press began circulating the real story behind the move - the Feds made Walker do it. Doh!

Everyone weighed in again:

When asked if he thought if any deception was involved in Walker's choice not to disclose the Feds requirement to lift the cap, Robin Vos said:
"I'm a big believer in full disclosure, so I can't tell you."
Everyone laughed really hard for a long time.

Wanny has had nothing to say about the turn of events. The Siren suspects he can't wrap his brain around the situation.

Here is what we think you need to know about the whole mess that is important and telling:

Robin Vos is the only consistent voice in the whole discussion - an admission the Siren finds hard to make.

Vos was a dick when he voted to limit Family Care for tens of thousands of Wisconsin seniors. He was a dick when the cap was lifted - by the feds or by Walker - it didn't matter to him. And he'll be a dick when they are forced to vote on it again.

On the other hand, Scott Walker and Van Wanggaard came forward yesterday to give praise to an action neither one is responsible for. They claimed false compassion in restoring a program both supported in limiting in the first place - and they did it for cynical political reasons.

That makes them liars and despicable people by any measure available.