Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wanggaard Is Bilingual...In Jibberish

So the folks at WISN won't let you embed their videos even if you get the source code so follow the link and come back to read the summary. xxoo rrs

Watch the video HERE.

Wanny appeared this weekend with the cheesehead silver fox, Mike Gousha. Asked if he was nervous about the recall effort, Wan said his record speaks for itself...indeed it does.
"We've been focused on what we said we were going to do...jobs and jobs AND jobs." 
Van counted that one as three answers. Too bad he is wrong.

Van then plays the bipartisan card again. (This will be his main theme in the recall election. He will attempt to prove he is not a party succubus by claiming he voted on some bills that Democrats voted on as well. Van fails to add that he voted in lockstep agreement with every bill proposed by Republicans. ALL OF THEM. That's how bipartisan Wanny really is.)

On the bad rap he has gotten in voting for ACT 10 Van says this:
"I raised my hand (because he is four years old) at the caucus on the first day and said I could not support Act 10 as originally drafted because the protections were being taken away for the the worker, the little guy in the field...I made that happen, I made that happen."
Yes. An interesting bit of revisionist history. The truth was that three Senators were talking about bailing on the bill because it was so extreme. The little guy owes you an apology, Van. We should be thanking you for protecting our rights!

On the Education cuts, get out your Jibberish to English handbook...
"We allow the tools there to, to allow these districts to be able to be uh, to be competitive by giving them the ability to pay portions of their, the individuals pensions and health care costs." 
Okay, he got three of the words, his chief of staff Frances Scott Key told him to say: Tools, Competitive and Pension. What Wan leaves out and what he desperately hopes everyone forgets is teachers always paid in to their benefits and if they paid less than some people it is because they took lower wages in return.

He then goes on to point out that Racine teachers voted to seal their contract before the bill was passed that "was more conservative than Act 10" like they were dummies.

The teachers (and public unions) NEVER had a problem paying in more and ALWAYS said they were willing to do so as evident in their contract vote. It was the additional $1.25 BILLION you took away from the kids in the classroom that has angered the masses.

Funny, he doesn't mention that.

On to the redistricting maps. This section is only for fluent Jibberish speakers:
"We are currently told we are responsible for our new districts (because he is four years old), but I think the biggest issue here is the fact that under the old district, the old district which we've determined now is unconstitutional (yes, kids 10 years later) 'cause we don't have one person one vote uh...the 12st district was about 7500 people short, uh...by correcting that now it's one person, one vote. So somebody lives across the street, so to speak, and they're in the old district and they would vote for a Senator for the next 3 years in this recall issue then a couple of months from now they're going to be signing papers because they are actually in the 22nd district now, they're going to have two votes for a Senator. So it doesn't make sense that we would say something is not constitutional at one point and we should go back in to those old d..their are so many constitutional issues with this I think that's what's going to end up coming forward."
OMG he came so close to actually undoing his entire argument, his staff must have been crapping in their pants. Naturally, NONE of this makes any sense because their case makes no sense. Wan's lacking grasp of adult conversation doesn't help.

Wanggaard is minutes away from a recall trigger. It can't come quick enough.