Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wanny Throws A Tantrum: His Commentary With Notes

Senator Van Wanggaard
Wan Vanggaard has penned another commentary for the Journal Times. Nervous much Van? Let's take a look...

Commentary by Van Wanggaard -- It's about the children Okay, it's about ME

It's December, and we all know what that means: Recall season is upon us once again. Even though we have never had a recall in December, I'm just being sarcastic because I'm so fucking pissed people are lining up to sign petitions against me instead of Christmas shopping. Judging by what I've been reading lately, The Twilight Series. it looks like it's time to put aside the bipartisanship and good public policy and fire up the empty, angry rhetoric. I'll show you how to do it...keep reading.
Needless to say, I was disappointed to read some of the opinion commentaries in last week's Journal Times. Who the hell do you people think you are?! Criticizing me with your facts and demands. No matter how many bipartisan bills I author or how many jobs are announced, Which have been few and fewer. I have come to understand that there are some people who will never agree with me. Like my family and neighbors and everyone I grew up with. For example, in October, the state Democrat I will never use the word DEMOCRATIC because people actually like that word and it shows the GOP I'm a big douche. Party chair even attacked me for voting with Democrats against a utility bill in committee, saying it was a "rare occurrence" to do so. This was so awesome, some Republicans and Democrats drafted a bill that says WE Energies can't back-bill customers beyond two years for their own broken meters. That's right, some Republicans wrote a bill that protects customers AND I VOTED AGAINST IT! I am so awesomely bipartisan. Apparently, my tenure Definition of ten-ure: the right to permanent employment until retirement. I've been in office 11 months. in the state Senate has been too bipartisan for his liking. Yep. that's what they call me around the Capitol, Bi-Party Wan.
Setting aside Which actually means I am going to talk about it know, for the sake of the children. the most absurd attacks in these recent articles (I will make no apologies for having a picture of Ronald Reagan in my office), But I do have some explaining to do about that signed Richard Simmons photo. some of their comments are not only unfair, but grossly misleading. It is unfair to use my actual votes against me. For example, I was accused of "hiding" from local teachers during last spring's budget repair bill debate. Yes, I was in my office and the door was locked - but I was NOT hiding. In fact, I personally met with leaders from the Racine Education Association twice in 72 hours; once on the same Friday that Gov. Walker announced his budget repair bill, then again the following Monday. I felt after undoing decades of collective bargaining and stripping a billion from the school budget in 4 days, it was the least I could do. This is in addition to the scores of teachers and other constituents I met with in my office. Because the HUNDREDS of citizens and students jam packed outside my office couldn't fit. So I let them in...but I didn't listen to a word they said! 
Most of the other attacks were rehashes of tired talking points about cuts to education. Blah, blah...class size, less pay and no say in working conditions. Whiners. Let me make this perfectly clear: I look forward to running on my pro-kids, pro-education record. PRO-KOCH, PRO-CORPORATE. After less than a year in office, It only feels longer to the people I've screwed. I've done the following:
~Voted to institute the Racine School Choice Program, affording kids in lower-and middle-income families the opportunity to attend previously unavailable private schools. Fulfilling lil' Robin's wet-dream of gutting public schools by using tax dollars to fund under-rated religious schools who get to turn away special ed, disabled and problem kids so they can say what a great success they are. Oh and we passed it during the night with no hearings because it was that important.
~Worked to restore $1.75 million in charter-school funding for Racine Unified that was cut by the governor's originally proposed budget. Racine was the only district to get two turd sandwiches: Vouchers AND a cut in Charter funding, we didn't want to seem like we were piling on. So instead of killing the funds immediately, we decided to phase it out over 3 years...a slow death 'cause we care.   
~Voted to preserve the popular SAGE program that helps lower class sizes, and ensured that P-5 schools became eligible for SAGE. It gives the kids some quiet time before they hit the classrooms with 40 kids a bit later.
~Introduced (with Reps. Robin Vos and Bob Turner), and passed, legislation that requires school employees to be mandatory reporters of abuse of a child. "Maddie's Law," named for a student at Racine Unified and a victim of abuse, was recently signed by Gov. Walker. On the same day the Gov. signed my bill to reduce the requirements for school nurses to dispense prescription medication to children and allow employers to fire any unpardoned felon from their job with no reason and no liability.
~Introduced legislation with Rep. Mark Radcliffe, D-Black River Falls, to allow schools to offer vocational high school diplomas to help high school graduates better achieve career-building skills while in K-12. The bill was added to the governor's special session on jobs, and I'm hopeful for legislative action in the spring. Nothing gets a kid into college quicker than a high school diploma in "food service". The best part, it will haunt them their entire life!
Further, let me re-emphasize that, despite "sky is falling" predictions THE SKY IS FALLING - for me. from the Left in February and March, this fall the Racine Unified School District actually slightly increased the number of teachers for the 2011-12 school year. Because of all that useless stimulus money and teacher retirements. Wait until next year! I was certainly disappointed that more of the $1.75 million that we restored wasn't used to minimize layoffs among educational assistants, but that's a decision that is left up to the locally elected school board. Because what they should have done is buy less books and let the kids eat lead paint chips for lunch.
Finally, readers should not forget who is making these attacks I have now used the word "attack" 4 times. I call everything I don't like an attack, like my wife's cooking and my tight golf shoes. on my record. Obviously, the op-ed by two leaders of local teachers' unions is not surprising. Because they sent me all those letters and left messages at my office I didn't return. However, I was disappointed to read the commentary by Mike Frontier about my supposed Literal. "failure to represent the children of Racine," without even acknowledging my leadership on Racine School Choice. I will call him Attack Frontier from now on. Mike is the co-founder of the former San Juan Diego Middle School in Racine. As The Journal Times has noted previously, Mike had been a strong advocate for expanding the choice program to Racine. Which is why he has collected hundreds of recall signatures against me.
That said, I do agree with Mike about one thing: Here come the meaningless platitudes that sound great and are the complete opposite of every vote I have made. The most important thing about education is, of course, the kids. Nice one huh? To grow jobs, we need a well-educated and skilled work force. And we do this by giving giant tax breaks to corporations who probably won't hire them any way. This means expanding educational opportunities for kids. By giving public money to religious organizations. In the coming months, I look forward to sharing this message with my constituents in the 21st Senate District. I know you are going to recall me, so I guess I'll have to work on some more good shit I can say about myself. 
Van Wanggaard, R-Racine, represents the 21st District in the Wisconsin Senate. Who will be recalled within the next week.