Friday, December 23, 2011

We're Number 1!

It is SO working and not in one of those statistical blips, it's a motherfucking trend.

Wisconsin is leading the nation in job loss. Under the leadership of the Brown Bag King, Scott Walker - Wisconsin has lost more than 34,000 jobs over the last five months. It's brown bags for everyone.

If these numbers indicate some kind of strategic lowering of expectations towards those 250,000 jobs Walker promised... the Siren says it's working. At this point we'd be happy with 10 jobs.

In further "We're Number 1!" news, Racine once again leads the state in unemployment. Great.

Scott Walker and Van Wanggaard will be forced to wear these numbers like a dunce cap during the recall elections and that's the only good news out of their dismal failure at leadership.