Monday, December 26, 2011

When Tommy Met Scotty: An Affair To Remember

Rumors and stories flew around late last week about former Governor Tommy Thompson's alleged attempts to calm down Scott Walker's pyromaniac assault on Wisconsin in the early days of Walker's administration.

Senator Bob Jauch weighed in to say he and others tried to appeal to Walker's sense of fairness and reasonableness only to discover he had none.

Now everyone is saying no such thing happened even though there seem to be quite a few witnesses to the whole thing. Since Tommy has become a born again teabilly, he just wishes they would all just shut up- you can't get elected by the crew from the "Hills Have Eyes" by seeming reasonable.

Ruth Coniff at the Huff Post does a good job stringing together the timeline of the failed Walker intervention, but the real point of the whole story is summed up in a comment made by an unnamed friend of Thompson:
"Businesses aren't going to move here in the middle of all this conflict."
Bingo. This coming from a Republican says everything you need to know about the mess Walker has made of our state.

What business is crazy enough to move to state that is quite literally on fire in protest and disruption? Who would move their company to a place where in a matter of weeks the Governor, Lt. Spokesmodel and several State Senators may be thrown out of office? Who would even be willing to think about it with a maniacal toddler as Governor?

No one, and that's the point isn't it?