Friday, December 16, 2011

When You Can't Game The System - Sue It

Photo: Scott Walker Watch
Have you ever played a new game with a child who explained to you how to play, but as you play they keep changing the rules just enough to their advantage it becomes impossible for you to win?

It's funny and a typical kid thing.

Meet Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald Brothers. They believe being the three top legislators in the state allows them to explain the rules of the game to everyone else.

Be warned - like children - they like to change the rules of the game as they go along...even if it's the opposite of the last rule they made.

So Walker, the Fitzgerald's and the State GOP is suing the State Election and Ethics Board over the recall and how the names are verified in a gigantic tantrum saying they want the old system back that they changed in the first place because they thought at the time was too partisan and unethical.

The GAB (the new system developed to oversee elections and election guidelines - with the help and approval of Jeff Fitzgerald) said this week that it is up to the Walker Campaign to weed out bad signatures like ones that might read "Mickey Mouse." Since Walker & Co. have long been under the impression that every agency in Madison works for them and not the people - they freaked.

Could it be they realized David Koch wasn't going to pay to verify the signatures for them and they might have to work? Could it be they realized the supporters that went out and signed petitions with bullshit names might now actually count?

They want the GAB to find any doubles - which is their responsibility. They want the GAB to flag bad names - which is their responsibility. And if they can't get their way, they want to dismantle the GAB because it's being too fair, following the law and supports the people.

These rules aren't new and they didn't seem to have any problem with them this summer - but now that it will require work that cheating and lying won't fix...they want a mulligan. Typical.