Saturday, December 3, 2011

Woman Bites Dog

A creative group of people came up with a cool way to get the message out as daylight gets a little briefer each day on I94 last night - LED light up recall signs.

It's clever and doesn't hurt a single person. Cue the nasty Republican stage-left.

It's like GOP street theater or a flash mob of one... angry white male appears with camera in hand to intimidate group and gets all Barney Fife with them about protecting government property. When the people return the favor by taking pictures or videotaping him - he goes ballistic and picks a fight.

Last night's jackass literally attacked a five foot nothing, middle aged lady by trying to wrestle away her video camera from her hands. He bruised and bloodied her until she finally up and bit his hand while he had her in a vice grip.

This broad is awesome and not just because she bit him, but because in the skirmish he lost his wedding ring which she found and returned to him!

I'm not sure exactly what it with these Republican assholes who seem to focus mainly on women to harass, intimidate and physically bully. Is it the steroids? Cold and indifferent mothering? A life of closeted homosexuality that has bred a twisted female resentment?

BTW way in case you dear readers were wondering, the dog that got bit was NOT driving a black Lexus, license plate BFG LTD...which means there are more than one of them out there. Stay safe.