Friday, December 2, 2011

WTF Is Wrong With You Graeme Zielinski?

For those of you dear readers who do not live and breathe all things political in Wisconsin, allow the Siren to introduce you to Graeme Zielinski. Graeme is the Wisconsin Democratic State Party Spokesperson.

When the Democratic Party speaks - it is through Zielinski.

Graeme is a nice enough guy. He likes baseball and has a decent sense of humor.

He has made a few major flubs that have blurred the line between what he is thinking and what the party should be saying...

Like on election night in the recall race between Sandy Pasch and Alberta Darling. Before all the ballots were counted and before he could possibly prove it, he was on TV alleging election fraud that was unfounded. It wasn't a crime, but it made him look like a pussy when he had to retract it.

He infamously posted a tweet in July that said "It's Medicare's 45th Birthday. Celebrate by punching a Republican." So uncool.

Graeme will play the "racist" and "liar" card any day, any time. He ain't afraid to say it, even when sometimes he shouldn't.

That is why it is so weird and frustrating that Zielinski has had nothing (not even something stupid) to say about the hottest recall story of the week: a Republican Party official "allegedly" verbally abusing and intimidating recall volunteers in Racine last weekend. They got motherfucking pictures Graeme!


Now, the Siren knows some of this is all about keeping the focus on the failed policies of Scott Walker. Blah, blah, blah...we get it.

Well school's in session Graeme, listen up:

Your volunteers (yes, some are party members, some not and some are even disillusioned Republicans who are working all toward the same goal) are taking major abuse on the streets and corners getting petitions signed. They have been kicked out, run off, shouted at with the kind of language the Siren reserves only for her readers. They have been goaded physically, insulted verbally and harassed in every way imaginable.

They have watched as Republicans systematically intimidated any business who might give them a safe spot to collect signatures. They have been stalked, followed home and had drinks tossed on them from drivers passing by.

What have you had to say?

Uh huh. This week bloggers and reporters have handed you a story about volunteer intimidation and harassment and tied it to the Republican Party itself! You have chosen this time to remain silent?

Enjoy your tub of popcorn Graeme.