Saturday, December 10, 2011

You Say You Want A Recallution?

Jauch Recall Exploratory Committee 
A lady up in Hayward awesomely named "Shirl" has filed the paperwork necessary to form an exploratory committee to recall Democratic Senator Bob Jauch.

Well good for you Shirl.

So much for the - can't deal with losing the election - rationale for denying people their right which is guaranteed in our State Constitution. Naturally, Shirl believes they have a REAL reason to start a recall.

Who cares, let's get to the numbers...

So Bob Jauch won his election in 2010 by just under 52% - definitely a viable margin in an election. Here's the rub, not only has Jauch held the seat for like 75 years, he won with a total 31,000 votes. Shirl and her friends need to get a minimum of 16,000 signed petitions (19 to 20,000 to be certain). For that area with those kind of numbers, it's a mighty long slog.

Shirl will need to get almost 68% of the people who voted for Jauch's opponent to sign a petition. Nearly impossible. As someone who has run for office 3 times and lost, she should kinda know this.

Well, the Siren wishes Shirl luck, she'll need it.