Saturday, January 14, 2012

Compas Catches Fitz

Fort Atkinson resident and activist, Lori Compas didn't take no for an answer when the DPW declined to sponsor the recall of Senate Majority Leader, Scott Fitzgerald.

Why did the DPW (Democratic Party of Wisconsin) take a pass? Fitzgerald won in 2010 with 68% of the vote against his Democratic opponent, Dwayne Block. He's also got a mere $280,000 in campaign cash on hand.

What's longer than a long-shot?

Undeterred, she ran the recall out of her house with a tiny band of volunteers canvassing in a district with large swaths of rural and sparsely populated areas. No one gave her much of a chance even if they appreciated her determination and grit.

Two weeks ago, Compas announced she had collected 12,000 signatures and with wise use of social networking she managed to capture the imagination of #wiunion and #wirecall followers and Facebook friends who started spreading the news. With a bit of help, she might be able to pull it off actually getting the 16, 742 signatures needed to trigger the recall. Her call to arms was heard.

Yesterday morning, Lori Compas announced they had gotten the required signatures and would work the rest of today to add a cushion to their total - while Fitzy throws a great big tantrum about how unfair it is the GAB gave the proper the amount of time to a lady with no money or connections who dared to challenge him.

Fitzgerald will use his considerable resources to challenge his recall every way possible. He has filed one of what will surely be many complaints against the process. Compas has said all along that her signature vetting process has been superior, so Fitzgerald will play every dirty angle he can.

In a fitting end note, the DPW did finally come on board as Compas got within striking distance. Good for them and for the rest of us - recalling Fitzgerald was impractical and could have initially been seen as a waste of party resources no matter how much Democrats (and a lot of Republicans) have come to loathe Fitz. It's nice to know that one person...and a bunch of her friends can change the mind of party politics just by sticking to it and doing a good job.

Well done, Lori Compas.