Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Doh Journal Times!

The Siren is going to begin by giving you credit for making the right call on Glen Grothmann's idiot bill to eliminate the employer provision from campaign contribution reports. It is wrong and there are underlying political reasons Grothmann is pushing the bill...it is those reasons you just happened to get totally wrong.

Grothmann didn't sponsored the bill because people said they were going to boycott businesses that supported Scott Walker. That happens all the time and it never lasts.

The reason Grothmann is sponsoring the bill is because employer listings is how the GAB and DA caught Scott Walker supporter, railroad owner and convicted illegal campaign contibutor, Bill Gardner.

Gardner used his employees to funnel illegal contributions to Walker and Kleefisch...money they had to return and cost Gardner him $166,000 in fines and two years probation.

Remove the employer listing and no one will be able to catch illegal donation schemes like this again.