Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Eric Marcus In The House...The Dog House

Nomination petitions were due yesterday for non-partisan  government office in the area. All even numbered aldermanic districts in Racine will have elections this spring. Yahoo.

Two city aldermen will face challengers, Jim Kaplan and Eric Marcus. Kaplan will actually have a primary with not one but two challengers to his seat in the 4th District.

Kaplan's challengers are Sherrie Lawson who ran against him in 2010 and Thomas Holmes, owner of the infamous Park 6 "nightclub."

Lawson gave Kaplan a good run a couple of years ago and will most certainly knock Holmes out in the primary because she lives in Racine and Holmes does not. Doh!

Not actually living in the district you are running to represent has never been a confidence booster to voters.

It would have made more sense for Holmes to run where his business is located, but Park 6 is in the 1st District which is not eligible this year and happens to be the district of his comrade in liquor license turmoil, Alderman Keith Fair. Holmes chose a random district in which to run...a poor choice since now he faces a primary he is slated to lose.

Well, thanks for playing Mr. Holmes.

Ah! But the bigger news is the challenger to 2nd District Alderman, Eric Marcus. The surprise isn't that Marcus has a challenger, but that he has such good challenger.

Marcus has made his political trade in being a pain in the ass and confusing his supporters. Combine that with devastating election losses, his political career could be nearing it's sunset.

His 28% showing against John Dickert for Mayor was a political face-plant and then his odd turn to run for Racine County Democratic Party Chairman in which he gathered four whole votes - that did not include his own - confused his teabilly contingency who like his fiscal chicken hawk ways.

Perhaps, it was when the JT finally connected the dots on Marcus' ridiculous jihad against Countryside Humane Society and chastised him correctly for pretty much causing their departure from the animal rescue business leaving Racine in a multi-million dollar bind - they put the last few nails in Marcus' weird political career.

Not only does Marcus have what appears to be a qualified, organized and motivated challenger, she's cute as a button.

Krystyna Sarrazin is the Executive Director of the Young Professionals of Racine and formerly of the Wheaton Franciscan Foundation. Sarrazin has a master's degree in non-profit management from DePaul University and founded Belle of the Ball - which donates prom dresses and accessories to local high school girls. She's a member of Downtown Rotary and sits on the Civic Centre Commision.

This is what we call a dream candidate - who may become a nightmare for Marcus.

Sarrazin already has a Facebook campaign page and a snappy website. The Siren has been told she runs with a group of young, smart and totally fabulous politically active ladies from her neighborhood. A posse of cool chicks is essential.

The Siren already wants to marry her.

Mr. Crabby Patty better get his act in gear or his run for Democratic Party Chair will be the highlight of his political career.