Tuesday, January 10, 2012

More Recall Antagonistas Who Think Laws Don't Apply To Them At All

Meet Linda Lorino. Linda has been cited for putting her hands on a recall volunteer against his wishes. Linda doesn't know what the big deal is because she just wanted a picture with him like he was an goat at a fucking petting zoo.

When she approached him to get a picture, she discovered he was already video taping her and she hit him. Asshole.

Then Linda told him he could not legally video tape her because she got her law degree from the side of a Skinnygirl margarita bottle.

Linda is old enough to understand the law, but apparently she doesn't have time to be bothered since she was ticketed two different times in 2010. Once for improper parking and once for failing to wear her seat belt. The Siren guesses Linda thinks those laws are for the riff raff.

Linda apologized...the video of her hitting the volunteer and incorrectly citing the law was sure to make the rounds of the PTA board before long. Awkward. Both Linda and her husband appear to be employed at Miller Brewing according to their campaign contribution history. Awkward times deux.

So let's be clear here. People can video tape you pretty much whenever they want in a public setting. Don't like it? Don't get out of your car idiot.

Like our old friend Carl Sosnoski who made a death threat to a recall volunteer because he didn't want to be taped, Carl has a whole sheet of legal involvements that go back to 1992 and is now apologizing for his behavior.

These people believe recall volunteers are required to answer their dumb questions. They aren't. They are following the law while being intimidated by people who have already been caught breaking it.

It makesone wonder about all the incidents that didn't get videotaped.