Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Pwned. Wanggaard Recall Overwhelms

15,353 was the number of signatures needed to recall Wan Vanggaard. Not a small number - 5000 more than they needed to recall Van's predecessor, George Petak a few years back.

Racine recall volunteers got more than the minimum number to trigger the recall - much more. 24,000 people signed petitions to recall Van. That's over 30% more signatures than required - making Wanggaard an assured candidate on a recall ballot.

Van's staff wrote a press release for him yesterday saying:
"As union bosses have threatened for a year, today they start the do-over of their loss in the November 2010 elections...union bosses are playing into the politics of negativity and fear of the unknown."
That reminds the Siren of something....hmmm...OH! Van weren't YOU a union boss? A minor detail as Van whistles past the graveyard. Van says he will run on his record:

Raising Taxes.
Increasing Spending
Making Racine #1 in Unemployment

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey...