Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rebecca Kleefisch is a Judgmental and Stupid D-Bag

Big props to Uppity Wisconsin and Lounsburyjud over at YouTube for unearthing this video of idiot Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch to remind each of us why we worked so hard to recall her dumb ass.

Kleefisch recollects her days as a "journalist" in 2010. In the video she discusses the observations she made of "people" involved in lead abatement stories. Kleefisch states many of her colleagues saw squalid living conditions: filth, cockroaches and pealing lead paint and categorized these "people" as victims. While she, on the other hand saw a big tv, name brand gym shoes and concludes all journalist-like "they are not a victim."

Kleesfisch goes on to contrast herself against her colleagues by saying:
"While they saw a victim, they saw a government solution for this problem, as a Conservative, I saw someone who made a choice."
Yes, poor people make bad choices which includes having their children poisoned by lead. It's their own fault. This releases her and people like her any need or responsibility to address the cause.

Regardless of the fact that lead poisoning in Wisconsin is three times the national average and over 83% of lead poisoning happens in SE Wisconsin: Milwaukee, Kenosha, Racine - where poor people tend to live - the problem for her is clearly the victim.

This week we saw a hearing to reverse Wisconsin law regarding manufacturers liability which would also retroactively dismiss 173 cases of lead poisoning of Wisconsin children. The manufacturers who benefit from this bill (also some of the defendants in the cases brought by those 173 children) have signed on to lobby and submitted their campaign checks to the right politicians.

We also saw the Joint Legislative Council reject the recommendations of a special committee on infant mortality - which is so high in Racine among African American infants, a whole bunch of third world countries do a better job.

Why did they reject the committee's recommendations - an almost unprecedented measure? Because their recommendations to reduce the mortality rate of low income infants would have gone before the entire legislature where assholes like Wanggaard, Moulton, Galloway and Fitgerald would be forced to cast a vote that could look bad.

Even Wisconsin Republicans know not everybody believes poor people deserve to be poisoned and die...except maybe Rebecca Kleefisch.