Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ryan To Host Fundraiser For Wanny...Wait For It...In A Wine Shop

Ryan gets caught drinking $750 worth of wine while
dining with hedge-fund lobbyists in 2011.

Remember last year when Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan got caught being wined and dined by D.C. millionaires and was publicly shamed by a woman in the restaurant who realized he was enjoying bottles of wine that cost more than $350 a piece?

So ashamed, he was forced to pay for the wine with his own credit card - saying he didn't know it was so expensive. The two bottles consumed cost him $750.

Yeah, the folks in Racine with the state's highest unemployment thought it was a laugh riot.

So who better to host a luncheon fundraiser in a wine store than Paul Ryan? Ryan will be in Racine to raise money for dullard, recalled Senator, Van Wanggaard.

Yep, they are gonna be sweet smoochie Valentines on February 13th for a soiree with a minimum ticket price of $125.00...but for $250.00 you can be Van's Valentine Sponsor.

Mark you calendars and don't forget to register here. The Siren can't decide on the soundtrack: Days of Wine and Roses or Afternoon Delight.