Friday, January 6, 2012

Scooter: The Boy Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest

The Milwaukee District Attorney shook the Walker shit tree yesterday and three big turds fell out.

The Journal Sentinel has the forensic map of what happened so far...get a snack because it's long.

Bottom line: a long-time political buddy of Walker, Tim Russell, got set up with the sweet job of overseeing the money for a pet charity event for veteran's by Walker himself. (Set up with a little sweat equity by the Gov we might add.) Russel gets the gig after another Walker appointee, Kevin Kavanaugh causes some of the money to go missing. Russell then steals half of all the charity's money...and blows it on visiting Herman Cain, tropical vacations and renewal fees for Walker's campaign website.

Lost? Both guys are friends of Walker, both guys stole money meant for veterans.

The investigation not only reveals they both stole money, but accidentally uncovered that Russell's gay partner, Brian Pierick (also the official treasurer of Russell's new income source) has been surfing the internet for porn, texting pictures of his wiener and trolling for teens - along with Russell.

The Sentinel revealed they cruised for boys and dirty talk under the chat room name "Walker04." How many fucking ways are there to say "Ew?!"

Now here's the interesting part that is going to play out for a while...Walker says they asked the DA to look into the missing he's some kind of hero.

First, half the money was gone and people had been asking questions for a few years - did he think no one would ever notice? (As one commenter said, it's a little like the arsonist calling the fire department.)

Second, Walker's staff asked the DA to look into improprieties by Kavanaugh...the Russell shizz looks like it was a big fat surprise. Happy New Year boys!

None of the arrests yesterday reveal anything about Cindy Archer, realtor and campaign contributor Andrew Jensen or why Walker appointee Tom Nardelli abruptly look for the John Doe investigation to continue.

As for the veteran's charity, Operation Freedom, Walker is up to his beady eyeballs in the money flow and personally involved in the appointment of the creepy folks who swindled donations away from veterans and their families.