Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vos Sunday Commentary With Notes...Again

Vos...and the horse you rode in on.
Oy. He's written yet another commentary and yes, the Siren has gotten your messages that you can't read them without vomiting or without our notes (which we call facts) included in red.

So here we go...

Robin Vos' New Year's resolution: Bring more jobs to Wisconsin Since We Didn't Do Shit On Jobs In 2011

Every January, people across our state make resolutions for the coming year. Perhaps they'll resolve to lose weight, spend more time with their children or get out of debt. My resolution for the state is to bring more jobs to Wisconsin. And just like losing weight or spending less, the following resolution of mine will be a miserable failure. We must do everything we can in the Legislature to help our hard-working citizens get back to work. While government doesn't create jobs, I know we can help spur job growth in the private sector. I am stating that as a representative of government we will do everything we can to create more jobs, while also reminding you that it isn't our job to create jobs - get it? I am also not mentioning the fact that under my leadership we have created literally no private sector job growth over the last year and ignoring the fact that there are nearly 300,000 public employees in Wisconsin - but government doesn't create jobs...including mine. I fucking rock this bullshit don't you think?
A great example is the new mining legislation. A great example indeed. Assembly Republicans recently introduced the first draft of legislation that would develop specific rules for iron ore or taconite mining. And before we introduced it we showed it to no Democrats, no environmentalists and no local government where the mine will be located. Our modern mining laws were first enacted in 1974 when mining used harsh chemicals. And they still do, but that is nothing compared to the contamination of ground water, poisoning run off and mining waste created in even in the cleanest of operations. These new regulations would create a reasonable permitting process and a timeline that doesn't compromise environmental integrity. And we know this because the mining company who wrote the bill for us told us so. We also know our regulations won't compromise environmental integrity, because there are none. Take that you dumb Indians whining about mother nature.   
A new iron ore mine in northern Wisconsin would reap major economic rewards for the entire state. Because I, myself added a clause that takes away 50% of any profits the local community would get and gave it to the state. More than 3,000 construction jobs would be created and 5,600 mining jobs with an average pay and benefits package of $82,000. This is complete baloney, I am making this up. Even the most optimistic estimate is around 700 jobs.Those mining jobs would have a multiplier effect in creating two to three jobs in other industries in northern Wisconsin. Yes, like doctors to treat cancer and various illnesses that prevail around mining towns. It will be a fucking boon for the health industry. Companies in southeastern Wisconsin that manufacture mining equipment would also greatly benefit. There is really only one - Bucyrus and they gave thousands of dollars to Scott Walker's campaign, but after this, I am expecting a nice fat check before next November. Hint, hint. The total economic impact on the entire Wisconsin economy is estimated at $1.2 billion. That's according to the mining company itself and WMC, but in a few years when they've sucked the earth dry, ruined the land and given everyone around the area cancer, the people in that mining town can all go work at Walmart.
The Mining Bill is just one of several pieces of legislation that would help create jobs in the private sector. Like selling alcohol starting at 6am. Legislators are currently working on a venture capital bill that would make funds and incentives available to start-up companies looking to grow and thrive in Wisconsin. We tried to push it through earlier, but when Madison eggheads discovered that I originally wrote in it a giveaway of 80% of the profits to insurance companies, we had to go back and try again. Dammit.  Some observers believe venture capital is the most important thing we can do for job creation in Wisconsin. Other observers say it is a game of private corporations gambling with public money, but they are just communist jerks. Our state is currently ranked 25th overall in the country for venture capitol and we all know we can do better. 'Cause if you think giving away millions in tax breaks in state revenue is all I had planned, you ain't seen nothing yet.
As I look forward to tackling the jobs resolution, I say looking forward because I have no actual success to report on jobs. we can't ignore that there are many positive signs of economic improvement all around us. I am laughing at my own bullshit now. Our state unemployment has dropped to 7.3 percent, which is well below the nation's rate.  Because the chronically unemployed no longer get unemployment benefits so they don't count anymore, the underemployed? well don't even go there girlfriend! Also, all of our metro areas have seen a decrease in their unemployment rates. While Racine remains #1 in the state for unemployment. The Racine County Economic Development Corporation reports a banner year for 2011 for job growth and retention with close to 1,000 anticipated jobs created and 1,200 jobs retained. In other words, pretty much like any other year we can index. Much of the growth is due to the expansion at Ruud Lighting in Sturtevant. A success we are gonna ride in to the ground and milk for all it's worth even though their expansion was due to a merger that neither I or Scott Walker had anything to do with.That project was the result of a great public and private partnership. Yes, private merger and public stimulus dollars...thanks Barack.
I'm confident that we'll see progress in job creation in the coming year. Because it simply cannot get worse. A recent survey states that hiring is expected to increase slightly in the first quarter of the new year. And since we are the worst state in the union for job growth it has fucking got to get better. Plus, we have already laid the foundation for a better business climate and the private sector knows Wisconsin is Open for Business. Tens of businesses are trying to come here and take advantage of the mess and unrest we have wrought on the citizens of Wisconsin. This is one New Year's resolution that will be easy to keep. And like all the rest I have made, it will be forgotten by February.
State Rep. Robin Vos, R-Rochester, represents the 63rd Assembly District.