Friday, January 13, 2012

Walker Kickin' It Old Skool

Everyone knows by now that during his brief and failed attempt as a college student at Marquette University, Scott Walker was found unfit to be a candidate for student body president due to his exceptional knack for illegal and unethical campaign practices.

Not much changed in the years that followed.

Our friend, Chris Liebenthal over at Cognitive Dissidence has written a detailed summary of Walker's history and his sociopathic need to cheat and break election law as a candidate. Rea.d it

Most recently a complaint filed this week by One Wisconsin Now alleges the Walker campaign failed to properly report nearly 1,100 individual campaign contributions totaling more than $500,000 has begun to gain national attention.

Now, a governor's race these days needs to raise a lot of money and it requires a lot of paperwork. That's why you hire capable staff - which of course Walker can't find because he only hires campaign groupies who might as well just voluntarily turn their computers over to the DA at the end of each campaign cycle.

So what do you do when your guy just won't follow the law and seems incapable of hiring anyone besides perverts and thieves? Get your friends to change the law, of course.

Back in late September, when the issue of Walker's campaign money surfaced with an initial complaint from OWN and after the felony arrest of William Gardner, a railroad executive who gave more than the legal limit to the Governor's campaign - Glenn Grothman, icky purveyor of the timeless bowl haircut introduced a bill to nix place of employment on contributions of over $100.

Bill Gardner would probably have gotten off undetected under a bill like Grothman's.

Campaigning on the public dime, embezzling from veteran's, breaking campaign finance law - a 1000 times - all while pocketing hundred's of thousands of dollars from out-of-state millionaires...just another day at the office for Scott Walker.