Thursday, January 12, 2012

Walker's Janesville Billboard: Supreme Irony With A Side Of Schadenfreude

Word got around yesterday morning about a pro-Walker billboard placed directly in front of the shuttered Janesville GM plant.

Who would do something that dumb? It must have been a photoshop wasn't.

It didn't take long before a real-live photo and video started circulating as proof of perhaps the most ironic visual representation of everything wrong with Scott Walker and his administration...good thing since the billboard got taken down just after lunch.

To be fair, Scott Walker didn't have anything to do with the closing of the Janesville Assembly plant. People in Janesville tie that noose around the neck of Scott Walker booster, Congressman Paul Ryan. (Which is also why Paul Ryan doesn't even win the small area of Janesville - his hometown - he represents.)

The billboard and it's remarkable location does however display the stunning juxtaposition between staggering job loss and unemployment Wisconsin workers face and the slick, delusional marketing efforts by wealthy corporate donors who love them some Scott Walker.

Do you know how much a billboard costs these days?!

So who can afford thousands of dollars a month to put Walker's giant beady eyes on a billboard AND the water to get it removed within a matter of minutes after it was discovered? Not the Walker Campaign that's for sure, they can't even file their contributions correctly.

Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce of course. In the video below, the "paid for" disclaimer is clearly seen: Paid For By WMC Issues Mobilization Council.

The WMC IMC is just a group of dedicated businessmen who just want to deliver "the message to the public to help them understand what it takes to create jobs in Wisconsin."

The Siren thinks that in spite of the billboard's brief life, Wisconsin got the message loud and clear.

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