Friday, February 10, 2012

Adolf Hitler Loves Van Wanggaard

Who knew Adolf Hitler didn't want to sign a recall petition against Van? Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse declined to sign a petition too. Everyone thought they were Democrats.

Not one fake name was challenged by Van's Victory Mis-Information Center. Not one fake name was challenged by any of the four recalled Senators.

Adolf Hitler must be a Republican.

Since they didn't find the rampant fraud they claimed they would find, Van's desperate attempt to challenge enough signatures hinges on throwing out nearly 13,000 signatures outside his "new" district.

(Republicans wrote the law which said any recalls that take place before November 2012 happen in the old district, so now they want it changed. Not likely.)

Van is also saying that all signatures collected against him on the first day should be thrown out because there is no way to prove they weren't collected before the GAB office opened...this is so dumb, it's hard to explain.

Recall committees filed at 12:01am on November 15th - we know this because it was done electronically and were provided a confirmation. All four Senators made this claim, only Van's was dumber because his says November 16th not the 15th.

Note: If you make a totally specious claim based on a  legal objection - look for typos first.

The Siren's favorite flop-sweat move by Van is the bad address hunt. You'll recall they sent out 5000 postcards to see how many undeliverable addresses came back. Looks like they got 27. Wow.