Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cory Mason Takes On Walker...And More?

Our hero, Cory Mason has had it and he's gonna take it out on greedy motherfucker, Scott Walker.

Because it is nearly impossible for one gal to keep up with daily indictments and scandal of the Walker administration (unless you've got bullpen of contributors like those guys over at Blogging Blue - showoffs!) the Siren hasn't even posted about the Federal Mortgage Settlement cash that Walker is hijacking to cover the hole in his budget.

No doubt you have heard about made national news. Not just because it was such dick move, but how quickly Walker announced his plan to use more than $30 million of cash which is supposed to help homeowners to address a $144 million budget shortfall that was discovered just days before.

Walker apparently not only a douche bag, but a d-bag with a trigger finger.

So the wonderful, totally delightful Mason is offering a bill to prohibit Walker from using the funds in this way. Mason said:
“The middle class families in Wisconsin who are dealing with the foreclosure crisis have already been ripped off once by Wall Street,” Mason said in a press release. “I will not stand by and let them be ripped off again by Scott Walker.”
Yea! Good for him. Even better, Mason is co-sponsoring the bill with Tamara Grigsby, who has been very ill as of late. What a wonderful return to action.

Now all this is great, but the real news is Mason may have something more to announce...perhaps this week. The Siren hears Mason may announce a plan to run for higher office. We are hoping (because we truly don't know) that Mason will announce his intention to run for Lt. Governor.

Joy! Joy! Joy! Let this be true. Mason would make a great addition to what has been a ho hum candidate process.

Mason is schedule to be on Sly's Office radio show tomorrow morning...and we'll be listening!