Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did Wanggaard Pledge To GOP Secrecy?

Last night, the Journal Sentinel posted a story that is this morning's bombshell: Republican lawmakers in Madison signed an agreement to not discuss redistricting plans with the public and were told to "ignore the public comments."

Using $400,000 of public money, attorney's from Michael Best & Friedrich (the same guys who gave free legal work to Supreme Court Justice, Gableman and are now representing cases before him) designed talking points and a pledge to be signed to keep quiet to other lawmakers as well as the public about redistricting plans.

Let the Siren repeat it for you so that it may truly sink in: Republican lawmakers signed a pledge to keep the maps a secret and vowed to ignore the public about redistricting issues and input.

If it seems odd we are just hearing about this now, it is because this is part of the evidence that Republicans (Robin Vos and the Fitzies) tried so hard to keep out of redistricting lawsuits pending in court. Remember when they said their documents with attorney's drafting the redistricting maps were privileged?  Yeah, this is them.

We already knew they had kept the redistricting a secret from Democrats and we suspected they designed the maps for electoral advantage. What these documents reveal is a wholesale and brazen attempt to hide their (possibly illegal) actions from the people who pay them and cloak a conspiracy of secrecy that should cost all of them their jobs.

Of course, this is Wisconsin so we just call it Tuesday.

One of the Senators who got the biggest advantage under the redistricted maps is Van Wanggaard. (Only Vos' girly friend Alberta Darling got a map with more of a GOP voter advantage.) The JS article makes clear that lawmakers were given previews of their new districts with a before and after analysis of Republican voters - in addition to their talking points cheat sheet and secrecy pledge. Handy.

Wanggaard's district went from a swing district to a solid Republican district that Walker would have won by 23 points in 2010 instead of 9. TWENTY THREE points. In the new redistricting plan all of the city of Kenosha and all of the city of Racine are awarded to the 22nd District - presently Senator Bob Wirch. All of Racine except for a tiny part of west Racine that is the neighborhood where Wanggaard lives.

A funny coincidence don't you think?

The actual documents have not been released yet and we are sure looking forward to seeing them soon. In the mean time the Siren wants to know:


We know the JT and the Patch won't ask, they've gone down the recall fraud rabbit-hole. Perhaps someone who would like to challenge Wanggaard's Senate seat will ask...loudly...before lunch. Because we'd love to hear the answer.