Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flaccid JT Plays Possum On Vos

On Thursday morning, the Capital Times editorial board came forward with a blistering indictment of Robin Vos' behavior as Joint Finance Co-Chair and as one of the main architects in the creation of Wisconsin's redistricting maps. His responsibility in orchestrating the signing of confidentiality agreements by all GOP legislators - save one - and the admission that released talking points memos direct him and others to ignore public comments outside the private office of attorney paid with public funds seems clear and worthy of some answers.

His actions are unprecedented in Wisconsin legislative history.

The Cap Times rightly asks for an investigation in Vos' activities to shield redrawn maps not only from Democratic legislators but also from the public. Vos maintained the designs were not political in nature - the documents revealed by force of a Federal panel of judges indicate otherwise.

Having intentionally skirted open meetings laws, public notices requirements and by imposing secrecy agreements upon Republican colleagues, Vos very well may have violated his oath of office and broken a few laws along the way.

The Capital Times was correct in calling for further investigation and castigating Vos in what looks like a conspiracy rather than responsible governing.

On Friday, the Journal Sentinel revealed that two publicly paid legislative aides are still working out of attorney's offices - 6 months after the redistricting maps were passed by the legislature. Instead of working in the state house - they remain at Michael Best & Friedrich offices - paid with public funds.

These legislative aides are considered to have drawn the maps with Vos and Michael Best attorneys - which are now part of a lawsuit.

One of the aides, Adam Foltz is the staffer who wrote the reports given to state Republicans which outlined the political advantages of their new districts and prepared the talking points Vos claims were meant for him.

In response to these damning actions, the Journal Times cut and pasted a story from the AP about the secret agreements signed by both Robin Vos and Van Wanggaard and has since gone back to sleep. The utter failure to investigate or ask meaningful question on behalf of the community they represent would be shocking - if it wasn't the JT.

The Dane County District attorney has been asked to open an investigation in this matter and specifically in Robin Vos' activities...hardly the kind of news anyone in Racine County should know about right?