Thursday, February 9, 2012

Garvey Get's It Right On WEAC Pledge

Bob LaFollette
Ed Garvey has been around. He has seen a lot of politicians and campaigns go by his personal parade marshall's box.

When Garvey weighs in on a subject, more often than not he is right. Even when the Siren disagrees with him, we give him credit for knowing a ton more than we ever will.

This morning, Garvey posted his thoughts on the news from yesterday that WEAC has opted to "endorse" Kathleen Falk for Governor - stemming from her agreement to pledge to veto any budget that does not include a collective bargaining reversal.

The title of his column is appropriately: "You Can't Be Serious"

Now, the Siren feels Kathleen Falk is a fine candidate. This isn't about preferring another choice. But we follow these things fairly close and we are under the impression the field of candidates is not set.

Who endorses a candidate before they know who all the contenders are? It's weird and premature and lessens any possible impact endorsements are supposed to have.

Then there is the "pledge" - an agreement to veto as Governor the next budget if it does not include a reversal of collective bargaining. Wasn't one of the most heated and repeated contentions in those chilly days last February that collective bargaining had nothing to do with the budget?

WEAC President, Mary Bell kinda just killed that argument didn't she?

It is unlikely Democrats will have control over the Assembly any time in the near or distant future. How does a budget even get to a Governor's desk with that in it? So we'd have a contested budget which gets held up, taken hostage and only hurts the people...all for a pledge.

The Siren doesn't want another Governor who makes deals to any special interest for support...even if they are special interests we like. We have had enough of intransigence and partisan agendas and that goes for Democrats as well.

WEAC has stepped in it. They have endorsed too early and for reasons recall volunteers and signers do not support overall. Their actions have already divided recall supporters (read the comments or Facebook) in a way that was not necessary and may have been damaging, perhaps to Falk herself.

There will be no Democratic candidate for Governor who will not support a reversal of the policies we have been subjected to this past year. WEAC has made every nasty thing Republicans have said about "Union Bosses" seem true.