Thursday, February 23, 2012

GOP Says: Limit NOT Expand Voter ID List

But you can stick your Vet ID up your ass, love Wisconsin GOP.
The Mt. Pleasant gentleman and veteran, Gil Paar made the news this week when he was refused a voter ballot for trying to use his official VA picture photo ID at the polls.

See the list of acceptable IDs approved to vote in Wisconsin does not include a valid United States VA photo ID. Paar, who risked his life for his country as an Air Force officer told 'em to get bent.

Rep. Bob Turner heard about the story and is planning to write a bill making a VA ID eligible for voting purposes...Turner doesn't write a lot of bills, but if it has to do with Vets - he's always on the right side of the issue and leads the way.

So all that is great, and citizens can make a difference in shifting some of the dreadful bullshit this administration has heaped upon us all...but the most interesting thing about this incident is the remarks made to the press by the legislative aide to Voter ID bill sponsor, Jeff Stone.

Aide, Michael Pyritz said Stone didn't include VA IDs because he didn't hear from people who wanted the cards included. He said "clerks" told them they preferred a "smaller list" of IDs and “When the bill was being drafted we were trying to limit the number, not expand it.” Which may be the one truthful thing he did say.

It was ALL about the voter fraud y'all.