Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello Robin Vos? This Is Green Bay Calling

Hello Mr. Vos? This is Green Bay. We're sorry to bother you, you must be out the door on your way to a bar or tavern. Every time we hear something about you it seems like it happens over drinks.


Remember when you passed that big budget that made everyone so upset? Remember you added the school voucher provision for low performing schools so you could finally stick it to Racine? That provision dared to include us too.

Our legislators didn't like it, our school district didn't like it and the people of Green Bay didn't like it.

So you promised us that once it was passed, you'd change the language so we wouldn't become another experiment for your pals at the American Federation of Children - Betsy DeVos and Alice Walton. Remember?

Dude? What are you waiting for? We wrote you letters, we called you. Didn't you see our editorial in the Sheboygan Press? The Senate passed the change without any debate!

We saw that video of you (in a bar) with Mike Ellis and Glen Grothmann when Ellis said one of our high schools was a "sewer". Uncool man. We saw you laughing about how you can "find" $200 million like it was your own money.

You made us a promise and now you don't return our phone calls. You say you don't have the votes, but we know you are just stalling. Sheesh, we can see why they hate you so much in Racine.