Monday, February 20, 2012

It's No Surprise Walker's "Tool" Isn't All That Great

Like a modern day Emperor wearing only his bald-spot, Scott Walker walked the land espousing his "tools" which would free municipalities and schools to run their own affairs without fear of tyranny...and apparently state aide.

Unburdened by oppressive public worker compensation packages - our Emperor slayed the public worker beast - cities, towns and hamlets of Wisconsin would forever bask in the golden ray of cash and heavenly manna.

The Emperor's followers nodded their heads in agreement, remarking on his healthy, full head of hair and his massive "tools."

Of course it didn't fucking work.

The Eau Claire Leader-Telegram did a little research in to Scott Walker's "tools" for state municipalities and schools which included added benefit contributions (and less disposable income spent on Main Street) and a lot less state aid. With the added bonus "tool" which prohibits raising any kind of revenue - leaving all those schools and towns deep in the hole - making administrators looking like bad guys for having to cut services people rely on and increase class sizes.

Which is exactly what it was designed to do. Let's take a look:

Eau Claire School District
City of Eau Claire 
UW Eau Claire
-$4.05 million

Scott Walker said his "tools" would cover all the cuts the state imposed in ACT 10, but just like his bald spot - he didn't cover it at all.