Thursday, February 2, 2012

Kill Baby Kill - It's A Crane Castle Doctrine

WTF? How many jobs is this gonna create?

State Rep. Joel Kleefisch (husband of State Spokesmodel, Rebecca. Joel is currently under consideration as Pluto's replacement as our 9th planet) introduced a bill to open up a hunting season on Sandhill cranes.

Killing cranes. What does Joel "the planet" have against cranes?

Cranes eat seedlings, they love 'em. But since cranes have failed to respect the sanctity of privately owned property - Kleefisch has engineered his own "Crane Castle Doctrine."

Now even peaceniks like the Siren understand that bulimic wildlife can binge a bit too much on a farmer's crop. It can be a headache. Organizations that value wildlife like the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo have conducted a lot of research over the last twenty years to find reasonable ways to deter cranes from their piggish ways...they even found some good ones that work.

But what fun is that when you can just blow their fucking bird brains out?! Kablooey dawg!

So on a day when Sub-Zero announced it's leaving Wisconsin, when Wisconsin manufacturing growth statistics have remained flat for another month (and manufacturing growth in the rest of the country improves) and thousands are worried they won't have any Badgercare in a couple of weeks...Joel Kleefisch spent his per diem to come to Madison to propose legislation to kill some pretty birds.

Great. Still no jobs.