Monday, February 13, 2012

Paul Ryan Please Remove Yourself From My Uterus

The GOP got their marquee Catholic, Paul Ryan to go on the Sunday talk shows to talk birth control yesterday.

If you don't know what the hub bub is all about, let the Siren break it down: Religious institutions (primarily Catholic, but not all) like hospitals or universities take boat loads of federal dollars, some (but not all) of these institutions do not offer contraceptives to their women employees as part of their health care compensation package because these religious organizations believe using contraceptives is a sin.

The President and a whole lot of other people think religious institutions who are funded by public money should not get to use religious doctrine to discriminate against employees while embracing taxpayer dollars.

The Siren thinks religious schools and hospitals and community organizations can say or do anything they want  - as long as they don't use my money to say and do it. Don't like it? Don't take the money.

So, Paul Ryan took his smirky face to the airwaves to say that the President's compromise - health insurers not the religious entity must offer contraceptives to women as part of the prescription programs - is wrong. Imagine one of the biggest benefactors of health insurance campaign dollars in the history of Congress takes the side of insurance companies and not women.

We are shocked, shocked!

Paul Ryan loooves to talk about "limited government". You know the kind of government small enough to drown in bathtub as they say. The Siren now imagines a Paul Ryan government that is in fact small enough to crawl right up inside our uterus and determines what we can and cannot do with it.

Sir, please remove yourself immediately.