Saturday, February 18, 2012

Players Gonna Play - The Maps Edition

Scott Jensen
If you are basically running a criminal enterprise you need the advice of other criminals from time to time. Even cons need a consultant.

Revealed in the 84 redistricting related emails released on Thursday afternoon was evidence that Republicans shared the maps with convicted former Assembly Leader, Scott Jensen before they were shared with Democrats or the public.

Jensen was convicted of 3 felonies before he got the venue changed to a Walkersha County judge where the felonies were overturned and he took a plea. What kind of felonies? Jensen was convicted of paying a legislative staffer $60,000 per year to raise campaign funds for himself and other Republicans as her full-time job.

It's like a scene from "Inception" only with layers of unattractive staffers dialing for campaign dollars.

What was Jensen's function in the new crime plot? Jensen apparently played pimp to Milwaukee Hispanic conservatives for their approval of the maps...which actually minimize the Latino vote instead of expand about that HERE at Badger Democracy.

There is going to be a lot of explaining come Tuesday...we wonder if the Journal Times will even cover it?