Wednesday, February 29, 2012

School's Out

Your kids goes to an elementary school, he loves his teacher and he loves going to school. It must be heartbreaking to discover that plans are underway to close that school because of redistricting and budget cuts.

Two stories today in the JT about parents who are up in arms at the school district because Wind Point and Goodland Elementary Schools are being slated to close. We feel for them, we really do... but what the hell did you think was going happen?

Scott Walker's budget and Robin Vos' school vouchers took a million dollars out of the district budget this year alone and the cuts are going to get insanely worse over the next two years.

Got a kid with an IEP or in Special Ed? Vos is trying to pass a voucher bill that will allow your kid's classmate  to go to a voucher school that doesn't even offer special education by special education professionals and the money comes straight out of Unified's Special Education budget.

Specially allocated funding for schools like Walden, Fine Arts and Jefferson Lighthouse will be gone...Vos and Wanggaard voted for it.

Why do you think those teachers and a hell of a lot of parents were out in Madison marching, in Racine marching? Because they just didn't want to pay more for their health insurance? Bitches, please.

You can't cut a million dollars, institute a school voucher program and sunset magnet school funding and expect everything to be the same. Good morning sunshine, it's a brand new day.