Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Utter Stupidity Of Van Wanggaard

Wanggaard made a statement yesterday on his decision to sign a secret confidentiality agreement with publicly paid attorneys to not reveal legislative plans and discussions with those attorneys to the public.

WARNING! Reading and attempting to comprehend Wanggaard's statement may cause nausea and/or brain damage. If you feel sick or sudden dizziness please consult your physician or dial 911.

"I understand the agreement was to protect the attorney-client privilege because drawing the maps did not have to be done in open session," he (Wanggaard) told Patch on Tues., Feb. 7. "I think we would have violated open meetings law to have public discussions and possibly, even if we didn't mean to, actually have a quorum if there were enough of us there talking."

This man is a functional idiot and we're not sure he's functional. It is perhaps the stupidest, moronic, and most dumbass thing ever said about anything...ever.

The Siren can't even translate what Wanggaard is trying to say because:
1. We aren't that high.
2. We aren't that dumb.

A Federal Court decided 3 times that no attorney-client privilege existed. On the 3rd try the judges got so pissed they fined the attorney's for being such assholes.

Why would ANYONE believe the maps could (or should) be drawn in secret and sign a contract to keep them secret.

Wanggaard says he signed a secret contract because their secret meetings could have resulted in being charged with violating the open meetings law (which they are) so they pinkie swore to never talk about it so it would not be a violation of open meetings laws...? Dialing 911.

What a completely stoopid thing to say. Worse, he signed his name - making him party to the whole conspiracy. Never before in Wisconsin history has a public official signed a secrecy agreement to shield his activities from the public. Never.

We credit Heather Asiyanbi for getting a real comment from Wanggaard instead of just pasting in a prefab statement from a staffer in Vos' office.