Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Walker Concedes A Million Signatures

In a totally lame and lazy move, Scott Walker decided not to challenge ANY of the the recall petition signatures submitted against him...a sharp kick to the nads of all the teabillies around the state (and Tennessee and Texas) who have been pouring through the sheets looking for signatures to toss.

Saying it was impossible to verify that many signatures in the amount of time given (which by the way was 3 times the amount of time allowed by law) Walker's campaign complained the process was beyond the capabilities of their $15 million dollar war chest and 11,000 volunteers they claimed were standing ready.

What a loser.

With a million signatures and 11,000 volunteers, each volunteer would have to review 90 signatures each over 30 days - which is a taxing 3 signatures per day. Tiny violins fellas.

See, this is why a recall is a serious process. It takes thousands of people to gather the signatures and thousands more to challenge them - a job which falls by law to the recalled politician. It all happens in an incredibly short amount of time, but the reward is you get to raise unlimited amounts of money to hire lawyers and services to assist in the process.

Democrats could have hired people to gather, organize and verify signatures to submit. They could pay people to assist in data entry of all that information - but they didn't have to because volunteers flooded recall offices. Thousands and thousands of them.

Walker could be doing the same...and he's got a shitload more money. Instead he sits on his millions and whines that it was too hard.

So all those teabillies who claim the recall against Walker didn't really collect a million signatures, your boy Scooter just conceded they did. You had your chance to prove it and you plotzed.