Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wanggaard & Ryan: Toxic Twins

The JT took exception to their photo being used
and said so to us by email which threatened legal action.
The Siren lifted it from Facebook -
with no knowledge of who
took the photo. We could link to it so you could see it, but that creates
hits for the JT. We'll pass. If you'd like to see it go here: 
Oy what mess. Van Wanggaard held his $250 per person soiree over the lunch hour on Monday and as many protesters as paying guests showed up.

20 to 30 people lined the street to oppose Van and his guest host, Paul Ryan. 20 to 30 paid to attend the event...although no one can be exactly sure since Wanny barred the press from the event - it may have been less when one factors in staff and family. Tens of dollars were raised.

Robin Vos slimed his way inside...comped naturally - wearing make-up for some unknown reason. (Seriously, people there said he was wearing makeup.)

Then, the host and big name money draw, Paul Ryan came in to the event through the back door...and not just a back door but between the nasty dumpsters weaving his way from the bowels of the building that the public never sees. Classy.

Did Ryan take the time to stroll the street, talk to constituents, meet the real people? Fuck no. He left like he came - squeezing himself past the gross garbage cans in the alley where the homeless like to urinate.

Epic fail.