Tuesday, February 21, 2012

WTF Is Wrong With The Racine Journal Times?!

Steve Lovejoy
It was bad enough the JT gave three quarters of the local page to 100 40 Tea Party Republicans out at the corner of Hwy 20 and 31, when they know full well teachers, firefighters, corrections officers and just regular people stood out at the same corner every Friday for weeks.

Did they show? Never.

However, this morning's editorial page manages to go beyond their normal numb-skull regimen of tone-deaf meets dumb-ass exposition.

First we have a staff editorial pleading not to "abandon accountability of (school) vouchers." Great, good point...about eight months too late. A laser like focus for your subscription dollars ladies and gentlemen.

Second is something the Siren thinks she has never even seen before. The JT editorial staff has printed a letter to the editor from a candidate for office in support of himself - ON ELECTION DAY!

Yes, Roger Pfost, candidate for RUSD school board (and we know that because there is an article about the school board election on the front page) authored a letter condemning his incumbent opponents in the race, his reasons and a reminder to vote on February 21st. TODAY.

For a newspaper who refuses to endorse candidates, this is an action that flirts very aggressively with electioneering on the part of the JT. Giving free space to a candidate who is naturally supporting himself and asking others to vote on the day of the election - without giving the same benefit to the other candidates seems highly, HIGHLY unethical.

Look for an apology around October.

Call the Journal Times to complain: 262/634-3322
Call Mike McCabe at the Wisconsin Democracy Campaign: 608/255-4260