Thursday, March 22, 2012

Big Wuss Robin Vos Can't Pull An All-Nighter

Awwwww. Robin Vos needs his sleep.

Remember back in 2010 when state Republicans said they weren't going to pass legislation during the night and then passed Act 10 during the night?

It's a promise everyone who is out of power complains about and then ignores when the tables turn.

Perhaps anticipating his inevitable but potentially impotent ascendancy as speaker of the assembly, Vos declared yesterday he would do it more all-nighters.

In today's Journal Sentinel, Vos mewls:
"Vos gave the example of how after sitting on the floor for a different all-night session he drove past the highway exit to return home: "If I was not coherent enough to drive, how can I be coherent enough to legislate?” Vos asked."
A tempting question, sir. However, Vos makes his complaint as he departs Madison at the conclusion of the 2012 legislative session...a break that lasts until January 2013.

Vos can't stay up a few nights in return for 9 months off? What a wuss.