Monday, March 5, 2012

Can You Run For Judge And Refuse To Answer Campaign Questions?

Photo: Mount Pleasant Patch
Well,  Mike Nieskes thinks he can.

Of six - largely routine questions asked by the Journal Times, Nieskes refused to answer two and turfed two more with lazy answers.

20 years as a prosecutor and he doesn't know what he brings to the table that his opponent, Mike Piontek doesn't?

20 years as a prosecutor and he doesn't know how the courts can be improved? His complete answer:
“I don’t feel comfortable answering that at this point because I’m still learning the process.”
How many more decades on the job do you need Mr. Nieskes? Oh please.

Circuit Court judges in Wisconsin are paid about $130,000 each year, the public who pay you might be interested in an answer or two. Read Piotek's far more thoughtful answers here.