Sunday, March 11, 2012

Contribute Today To The Walkergate Defense Fund

"If you create a legal defense fund, you are either being investigated, being charged with or have been convicted of a criminal violation of Chapter 11 or Chapter 12," 

George Dunst, 
retired state elections lawyer

On Friday, hoping to avoid a media circus, Scott Walker revealed that he has established a legal defense fund in connection to the on-going John Doe investigation which has resulted in 6 far.

This is a first in Wisconsin Gubernatorial history.

Set aside that it makes Walker look guilty as attribute that doesn't faze his most loyal supporters... Walker's defense fund is allowed to use campaign money to fund his legal defense - unlimited recall campaign dollars - under Wisconsin statutes. The Siren wonders if this was what his hard working supporters had in mind when they mailed in their checks?

Now Walker must ask permission first to use those campaign dollars to pay for his lawyers, but he only needs to ask a couple of big donors:

Bob "Swift Boat" Perry, TX -$250,000
David Humphreys, MO - $250,000
Sarah Atkins, MO - $250,000
Stanley Herzog, Mo - $250,000

That's a cool million bucks right there - with only 4 calls to be made.

If Walker needs an extra couple of bucks to stay out of jail, he can call Rick Santorum's personal billionaire, Foster Friess. If his name sounds familiar it is because he recently gained notoriety for suggesting women in his day used to put an aspirin between their knees for contraception.

Friess is rich and dumb, in other words - he's Walker's key supporter demographic.

Friess wrote Walker a check for $100,000 the day after the recall started. Somehow he seems like the kinda guy who wouldn't mind his money going to pay for Walker's criminal defense lawyers.