Tuesday, March 20, 2012

"Frivolous" Recalls Launched By Teabillies

The Siren hates mimes. Who doesn't? They are creepy and intrusive...who knew mimes were planning to bring "100's if not thousands of jobs to the northland and State of Wisconsin."

Just another reason to stay away from the "northland" of Wisconsin in our opinion...hundred's of mimes sounds like a nightmare.

So goes the statement of intent to circulate a recall petition against State Senator, Robert Jauch filed by rocket scientist and failed candidate for office, Shirl LaBarre - spelling errors and all.

Ms. LaBarre filed her intent to recall yesterday.

You may remember that Shirl filed the paperwork necessary to form an exploratory committee to oust Jauch back in December and put in on hold to (we are guessing) to await the outcome of the MINING bill. Shirl is also up to her eyeballs in mining & mining supporting bucks wasted on her three previous runs for the Assembly.

Coincidentally, a recall exploratory committee was filed against Republican State Senator, Dale Schultz...not by Democrats - but by teabilly Republican, Dan Curran of Dodgeville. Perhaps Dan will explore Schultz's election stats before he exerts much energy. Schultz won his district by 63%. Should Curran actually manage to trigger a recall election (he won't) - area Republicans will impress upon him not only the likeliness that Schultz would win, but could actually stumble into a win for Democrats in the largely progressive district.

As for Shirl, she's now got 60 days to gather more than 15,000 signatures (18,000+ to be safe). She will need all the resources of Citzen's for Responsible Government for the heavy lift. CRG has pledged their assistance in the recall efforts. According to their latest filing report they have about $6,000 in the bank - $4,000 of which came from the campaign of District Judge, Ralph Fine.

So much for judicial propriety kids.