Saturday, March 31, 2012

Hey! Van Wanggaard Just Called Me

A ringy dingy! Hello? This is Van Wanggaard calling on behalf of my friend, Mike Nieskes candidate for Racine County judge.

Yes, the Scott Walker appointee, Nieskes is calling in the GOP troops for area robo-calls to get out the vote on Tuesday.

Either Mike Nieskes is really, really worried about losing on Tuesday to allow Wanggaard - a recalled Senator, who signed a secret oath to keep public information away from the public, lied and evaded the press on his participation on the Police and Fire Commission forcing the local newspaper to sue for the public records only to prove he did do what he avoided saying in the first place and was the author of the Castle Doctrine law - one of a body of ALEC sponsored laws that have become the most controversial laws under scrutiny today OR Nieskes is as big of a jerk as everyone says he is.