Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is Judicial Candidate, Tim Boyle Running For Class President Or What?

Ok, this is weird. The Racine County Circuit Court race between court veteran, Mark Nielsen and newer than newcomer, Tim Boyle has been largely viewed as a gimme for Nielsen - who is so far more qualified for the job - it is laughable.

However, it is the appearance of some Vos family contributions to Boyle's campaign and his really weird answers in the JT candidate article that has finally gotten the Siren's's not easy to compete with the naked hostility of Mike Nieskes for campaign fireworks.

So, Nielsen, a former judge, has handled (according to his website) more than 80,000 cases. He was also a prosecutor with the DA's office, the Chair of the Supreme Court Ethics Committee, a faculty member of the Wisconsin Municipal Judges Association, a Court Commissioner, a law partner...oh, and he graduated from Harvard Law School.

Tim Boyle went to Badger Boys State.

Okay, that's not totally fair. Boyle graduated from the Hamline School of Law in Minnesota...which for all we know is the "Harvard" of Minnesota. We only bring up the Boys State thing because Boyle keeps bringing it up. It's right there on his website on the "My Judicial Journey" page along with a paragraph about his grandfather's law practice, his father's law practice, how he broke his neck playing football in college and his really nice family.

What he doesn't explain is his experience that qualifies him for the job of Circuit Court Judge outside of this one sentence:
"I have handled almost every type of case and am an active member of the local bar association."
That's a bit thin by almost any measure. Truly, he sounds like a nice guy - someone who would be totally pleasant to chat with at a barbecue.

Boyle's answers seem to confirm his nice but lightweight credentials in the JT candidate interview:
"When people ask what he specializes in, Boyle said, his answer is that he specializes in people. “I think I’m very good with people. I am a very good listener, a very good problem solver.” People who deserve punishment would be punished by him as a judge, Boyle said, although because he has not done the job it is difficult to make blanket statements."
At least he didn't bring up the Badger Boys State story like he has done in candidate forums. When asked what the courts do well, Boyle answered:
"Racine County’s court system is very efficient, Boyle said. Court personnel are very personable, and overall the judges are very good and keep the cases moving in a timely way."
Sigh, perhaps this guy should be running for class president instead of Circuit Court Judge.

In digging around we found one reason Boyle may not really be able to answer the questions about the court system...he hasn't spent much time there. Boyle is a divorce, foreclosure, traffic, small claims, evictions and probate kind of lawyer. Boyle is not a trial lawyer and has such limited expereince in this area it's impossible to overstate how out of his depth he is even asking for the job.

And then there is his support from a few neighbors with the surname "Vos" on his most recent campaign finance report. Boyle demurs that he and the Dark Lord are friends, but it's well known that Vos really wanted to see Tim get the appointment Nieskes ultimately got.

Tim gave $300 to Scott Walker last fall...maybe it was a little grease to get the nod for Nieskes job, it came a few days after his mom wrote a $100 check to Walker.

Or maybe it was out of sense of nostalgia...Scott Walker went to Badger Boys State too.