Saturday, March 31, 2012

Is Van's "Fake" Democrat One of His Volunteers?

The state GOP announced yesterday it's intention to run fake Democrats in primary races against recalled Republicans in order to buy them more time and raise more money.

How this works in a recall, if there is no primary - just the recalled politician and their challenger - the general election would be held on May 8th. In the case of a primary, the general election would be held on June 5th.

The reason it is done this way - apart from how regular elections are held - is because our State Constitution says the elections are to be held so many days after the recall is certified. It's kind of a due process deal.

So, that means if John Lehman has no primary opponents in his effort to unseat Van Wanggaard, the both go to a general election on May 8th. Good! Let's go, the sooner the better.

But then comes spoiler, Andrew Mielke who was first suspected to be a fake, but then turned out to just be schmuck who thinks it's okay to begin your political career by running for Senate with no previous political or public service experience. Well, it worked for Ron Johnson.

With Mielke in the race, if Van's campaign wanted a later date for the election it seems they got their wish. Except no one really expects Mielke to succeed in getting himself on the ballot. It requires a minimum of 400 good signatures and they only have 10 days. Mr. Mielke might find it harder than he thinks going door to door trying to get Democrats to sign his nomination papers.

So with that primary anything but a lock, Van needs a sure thing. He's scared and not ready for an election in little more than a month. There is no way he can survive being on the ballot with the Democratic Governor's primary - he needs a ringer.

The Siren hears Van's "fake" candidate is actually someone who is one of his "victory center" volunteers. Nothing is filed yet, so we cannot confirm. However if the rumor is true - it puts Van right in the center of mocking the election process. Running one of his own volunteers as a Democrat is unethical even if it is permitted - a rather consistent trait for a guy who thinks the public doesn't have the right to know what he is up to whether as a Senator or on the Police & Fire Commission.

The sleaziness never seems to end.