Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Recall Time

Wisconsin officially made history by successfully recalling only the third U.S. Governor in U.S. history. Scott Walker will always carry with him the distinction of being the only Wisconsin Governor to be forced by the will of the people to run for office again. A lot of Republican Governors out there are glad to not be Scott Walker today.

So in spite of the mass hysteria, 5 fake names were found by the GAB. Oh, the true believer's will never admit the legitimacy of the recall petitions - they can't. Regardless, it's a breathtaking moment for the hundreds of thousands of people who came out and signed petitions to remove Walker from office.

On a funny/sad side note: As the GAB moves to certify over 800,000 signatures against Rebecca Kleefisch her attorney didn't even bother to show up to the proceedings. Loser.

Off we go...the primary will be May 8th and the general election on June 5th.