Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Judge Takes A Pass On More Koch

Dane County Judge, David Flanagan stunned the masses yesterday by issuing a temporary injunction order on Wisconsin's restrictive Voter ID law.

As it stands, Voter ID is out for the April 3rd elections.

Flanagan said in his 11 page order:
"The scope of the impairment has been shown to be serious, extremely broad and largely needless,"
Republican's in response compared voting to buying cold medicine...because that's just like voting.

But the big ballyhoo was that Flanagan signed a recall petition against Scott Walker and demanded he recuse himself from the case.

Democrats laughed really hard.

The second case against the law filed by the League of Women Voters goes to court on Friday. Their case contends that the Voter ID law is unconstitutional, unlike the NAACP & Voces case which says over 200,000 people are being disenfranchised by requiring a strict voter ID that looks an awful lot like a poll tax.

The LWV case also has a very good shot at stopping the law according to law experts. Naturally, Republicans whine that Democrats are just challenging what they could not persuade in within the legislative which we say: Duh!

The GOP wrote (well we should say ALEC) wrote a bill and overreached so far in their fascinating attempt at world domination, refused to listen or consider any expert testimony in hearings which said the bill was legally problematic and now complain they are in court.

Good for the NAACP, Voces and LWV. The Siren doesn't trust her constitutional rights to dingleberries, Robin Vos and Van Wanggaard either.

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