Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lest Ye Be Judged...

Judge Ralph Adam Fine
So 29 Wisconsin judges have been excoriated for legally and constitutionally signing recall petitions. Branded as biased and unable to discern to the difference between their personal opinions and judicial responsibilities - they are forever tainted according to the GOP.

Well what about District Appellate Judge, Ralph Adam Fine?

In December of 2011 - after the recalls were well under way - Fine"s political campaign committee wrote a $4,000 check to Citizen's for a Responsible Government - the original recall gangsters.

CRG is credited with initiating SIXTEEN Wisconsin recalls and has publicly announced their support and assistance in this week's newest round - the petition against Senator Bob Jauch and the exploratory committee formed to consider recalling Republican, Dale Schultz (the most hated man in the WI GOP).

CRG's recall efforts are proudly displayed on the "Who We Are" page of their website. CRG's heyday was back in  2002 over the Milwaukee pension scandal forcing the recall of County Executive, Tom Ament - fostering the rise of Scott Walker. They stuck basically to non-partisan, county and municipal politicians until 2005 when they decided to go statewide with two failed attempts to recall Governor Jim Doyle...a Democrat.

CRG followed failure with failure in recall attempts on Democratic Senators, Dave Hansen, Bob Wirch and Jim Holperin during the summer of 2011. The CRG Network PAC made campaign contributions to two of the recalled senators opponents - thus shedding what little non-partisan claim that remained.

As late as October of 2011, the CRG Network made a political contribution to Lt. Governor, Rebecca Kleefisch.

So it was basically common knowledge by December, 2011 that CRG was no longer a citizen's group, but  a partisan extension of the Republican Party when the committee to Re-Elect Ralph Fine wrote CRG a $4,000 check - accounting for 2/3rds of their current funds.

Or it could be payment for CRG's cooperation in making Judge Fine's candidate nomination paper's downloadable for easy circulation for CRG's members. Supporters of Judge Fine could even mail their nomination papers directly back to CRG. Handy.

CRG says it's an "ad" at the bottom of their website page:

But it clearly reads like an endorsed network activity:

So the question remains, if judges who as citizens signed recall petitions - which critics say is enough to ask for recusals and evidence of impropriety were wrong - what does it say about a Wisconsin judge who is funding a group which has taken credit for attempting to recall 5 Democrats in the last year alone?

Judge not motherfuckers.