Friday, March 2, 2012

The Local Report

The Siren loves Friday news...even when nothing is supposed to happen, around here plenty of news transpires just ahead of the weekend.

~The City of Racine Common Council is showing it has some common sense by passing unanimously out of committee a proposal to extend employee benefits to domestic partners. The measure is likely to pass the entire counsel and the Siren thanks them in advance.

This is an issue of fairness and Alderman Melissa Kaprelian-Becker put it best:
"Recognizing the dignity of one relationship does not demean the dignity of another relationship."
What a cute little button of a stateswoman she is.

~Rich Chiapete has been appointed by Scott Walker as the Racine County district attorney. Chiapete will replace the vile, hostile and completely unlikable, Mike Nieskes (who apparently put on his nasty pants last night at a candidate forum). Chiapete was long thought to replace Nieskes eventually, he is considered to be a good, solid guy with the right deposition for the job. Now that the reign of "Nasty Nieskes" is over at the DA's office, please check out Nieskes opponent for the court race, Mike Piontek's website...a guy people actually like.

~The Racine NAACP has requested the remainder of the police chief interviews and deliberations by the PFC commission be done in public. Can you blame them? A group of African-American pastors in Racine have made the same request...naturally Koch-head Commission President, Charles Johnson, Van Wanggaard and little buddy, Marie Black are used to getting things done in private without having to answer to any the game of chicken is ON bitches!

It has become common knowledge that it was Van who motioned to re-open the search after one of the three candidates - the only white guy - an associate of interim, double-dipping Police Chief, Whalen - dropped out. Leaving two - local - gentlemen of color - candidates left and a $20,000 bill for the search.

The proof of the cover-up will come in the open records request the Journal Times has filed - but in the mean time, Gloria Rogers and others are not taking any chances with this crew and have acted before they all sign secrecy agreements and plead attorney-client privilege.